Cortez Wedding

Gloria and Alex have known each other their whole lives, but their path was anything but straightforward!  Destiny finally caught up with them when Alex’s dad met Gloria at a dentist appointment.  He went home and told Alex that he had found Alex’s future wife!

It turned out to be prophetic, and these two were joined as husband and wife on October 15th.

Their day was full of love, laughter, and golden autumn light.


Bouquet by Blooms and Grooms

Cake by Donuts n Mor

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Edler Wedding

Lacey and Troy were joined as husband and wife on October 1st, 2016.  It was easy for any onlooker at their wedding to see that they have something special.  Their love is based on respect, adventure, and passion – for each other and for life.

“Advice from a Tree:

Stand Tall and Proud

Go Out on a Limb

Remember Your Roots

Drink Plenty of Water

Be Content with Your Natural Beauty

Enjoy the View”

 Congratulations to two amazing people!


Wedding Planner – I Do Event Planning

Caterer – Himiko Steakhouse & Sushi

Music – Get Down Entertainment

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Pace Wedding

Alecia and Steven met in August of last year through a mutual friend.  They talked for a couple of weeks before she finally decided to go on a date with him.  He showed up for their date with a big, beautiful bouquet of flowers!  They went to Himiko for sushi and it wasn’t until later that Alecia found out that Steven doesn’t really like sushi.  He ordered one of the hottest rolls they had and tried to play it cool while downing 4 glasses of water and sweating!  She finally asked him if he was ok and he said “I think I’m dying!”  They still laugh about it to this day 🙂

They started officially dating on September 3, 2015, exactly one year before they were married.  Their dating time went well and in April of this year Steven took her on a trip to Reno to surprise her with a proposal.  Alecia just thought is was going to be a chill vacation to visit friends, but everyone else was in on the plan.  They all drove up to Lake Tahoe, and Steven and Alecia decided to take a walk along the beach.  Out of nowhere, Steven said “Look babe, turn around, there’s a squirrel!”, so she turned around, and when she looked back at Steven he was on one knee holding out a ring!  He asked her to be his wife for the rest of his life, while their friends were filming the whole thing  🙂

September 3, 2016 these two started their journey as husband and wife.  The day was filled with love, great food, good friends, laughter, and family.  A perfect start to their life together.

Congratulations you two!

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Watsons’ 60th Anniversary

60 years is an almost unheard of number when it comes to marriage these days!  SIXTY years ago these two began their journey as husband and wife.  In a world of fast food, instant streaming, on-demand, and starter-marriages, there are few things that show what real patience and longevity is.

“Love is sweet

When it’s new,

But even sweeter

When it’s true.”

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Lexus and Daniel’s Wedding

Lexus and Daniel had only started dating in Utah, when Daniel had to move to Maine!  Thus beginning their journey with a long-distance relationship.  Far from breaking them apart, they grew closer and closer.  Eventually they were able to move to the same state and Daniel proposed in October of last year on a boat ride around Boothbay Harbor, in Maine.

They have since moved here to Spring Creek, where they had a beautiful and breezy outdoor wedding in the Ruby Mountains.  The day was filled with fun, laughter, and good friends.  Congratulations you two!



DJ: Stonerock Sound and Lighting

Caterer:  Ogi Deli

Cakes and Cupcakes:  Billie Sue Armstrong

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