Julie and Gene Pruitt Wedding

Julie and Gene met four years ago through a mutual friend, and it was easy to see that there was something special between them.  Their love grew over the next few years but there was no pressure to get married, they just enjoyed being with each other.  As time went on, they knew that to spend the rest of their lives together is what they wanted.  They had love, friendship, loyalty, and trust.

Gene proposed during a trip to Las Vegas, during their morning breakfast.  It took Julie a while to realize that he was serious, but there was no hesitation once she knew that he was for real 🙂  They then flew off to San Francisco to pick out the perfect ring and enjoy three special days together.

Now, a little over a year later, they made their dream come true.  They had a cozy backyard wedding facing the incredible Ruby Mountains.  It was a beautiful evening full of friends, love, and laughter.

 Congratulations Julie and Gene!


Event Planner:  Event Source

Officiant: Don Lemons

Catering: Primal Cut Catering

Bouquet:  Wild Rose

DJ:  Tyson Smith

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Kami and Steven Crowe Wedding

Kami and Steven started things off on the right foot when they met while running track at Elko High School in 2007.  Their endurance was put to the test by dating long distance through college, because they lived in different states.  Things, however, progressed at a steady pace all the way up to 2014, when Steven proposed on January 1st.  They were on a trip to Disneyland and went to the New Year’s celebration at The Mad Tea Party.  When the clock struck midnight, Steven got down on one knee and proposed!

They now are joined as a team, to run the roads of life together.  Congratulations to two wonderful people!

Flowers: Blooms and Grooms

Decor: Party Time

Cakes: Holly Poole

Rings: Jared’s

Dresses: David’s Bridal

DJ: Stonerock Sound and Lighting


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Tiffiny and Aaron Poche Wedding

Tiffiny and Aaron met through mutual friends about three years ago.  Since then they have enjoyed most of their time together fishing, riding their street bike, and just hanging out.

Aaron proposed on New Year’s Eve of this year.  He got rose petals and spelled out “Be My Resolution” for her 🙂  They have since made that resolution a reality.

Aaron chose a beautiful arrangement of diamonds and sapphires for her ring, since the sapphire is Tiffiny’s birthstone.  Tiffiny chose her wedding dress from Candlelight Bridal and Prom, where she works.

They got married June 13th at the Stockmen’s Hotel & Casino in Elko, NV.  It was a beautiful day full of family and friends, all there to celebrate Aaron and Tiffiny’s love.


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Crystal and Wes Lydon Reception

Crystal and Wes met through working in the mining industry.  Their first date was a day out hunting… and the second, third, and fourth date   🙂  These two are lovers of the outdoors.  In the past few years, they have had lots of adventures hunting, fishing, and vacationing on the California coast.

Wes proposed last year on April Fool’s Day, but it was no April Fool’s Joke!  He took her for a drive in Lamoille where they found a funny sign that said “Old Dog, Young Dog, Several Stupid Dogs, Please Drive Slowly”.  They got out of the truck to take a picture and  after they took the picture, Wes knelt down and proposed.  Crystal may or may not have cried   😉

They got married May 6, 2014 at a small chapel with one witness.  They then had a cozy reception for friends and family on June 6, 2015, and it was perfect!  Great food, good company, and the one you love are the ingredients to an ideal celebration.

Wes had a special ring custom-made by Jensen Jewelers using an elk ivory from his very first bull elk.  He did a great job!

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Sarrah and Kurt Urbahn Wedding

Sarrah and Kurt’s closest friends and family knew that their love was something special when they first met two years ago.  As they dated, their devotion to each other grew.  Kurt proposed to Sarrah right on the beach while they were on vacation in Fort Bragg, CA last year.  He did it in front of all of Sarrah’s family, with Sarrah’s brother-in-law recording the whole thing.  Kurt even had a backpack with some champagne and red solo cups ready 🙂

They had their wedding at the Spring Creek Golf Course, which also happens to be where Sarrah works.  It provided the perfect backdrop of lush green grass and old established trees.  It did end up raining, but Sarrah and Kurt were troopers!  They didn’t even seem to notice because they were too busy enjoying their friends and family, who all came out to celebrate their union.

It’s easy to see the love and friendship these two share, and their special day was perfect!

Flowers by the Evergreen Flower Shop

Cake by Riley Longman with Country Creations

Event Decorating by The Event Source

DJ: Stonerock Sound and Lighting

Dress from David’s Bridal

Ring from Kay Jewelers


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